Intelligent Life: We Can't Really Be All of It

The Greeks were the first Western thinkers to wonder what other civilizations might exist within the universe. However, the first documented search for other forms of intelligent life was in 1896. Nikola Tesla revealed that his wireless electrical transmission system might be used to contact other life forms on Mars.

Since that time, we have attempted to prove that more intelligent beings are watching down on us from their UFO vantage points. Questions abound: if they're here, what do they want? Are we their minions? Will they attack us or do they want to be friends? If aliens control the universe, what about God?

Whether you like it or not, mankind's curiosity about alien life forms will continue. We are getting closer to proving they exist. With regular discoveries, documentation, and sightings, how can you deny it? Evidence is stacking up against the idea that we're alone in this great universe.

It's Only a Matter of Time.

Mankind often depicts alien life forms as beings with far superior technology and brain functions. But maybe we are catching up. NASA recently discovered a brand new solar system located 10.5 light years away. The southern hemisphere of the constellation Eridanus is where our focus now lies.

With this discovery, scientists believe our chances of meeting other life forms is imminent. 

The star, Epsilon Eridani (Eri for short), contains at least six planets that are similar to Earth. With the confirmed count of Exoplanets within the system, that count is sure to go up. Many researchers believe we will discover other intelligent life forms in the very near future.

Sightings Throughout History.

Way back as far as 65 A.D., mankind was going on about unusual sightings in the sky. Historian Josephus called these 'Chariots in the sky with armed battalions hurtling through clouds and encompassing the cities.'

You really can't argue with that.

In 217 B.C. during the second Punic War in Rome, 'round shields were seen in the sky.'

UFOs are rumored to leave behind a silky fine substance observers have come to call angel hair or glassy fibers. These subtances are claimed to have fallen from the sky in 196 A.D., 214 B.C. and 98 B.C.

Similar reportings of UFOs have been as frequent as the change in seasons. They have been reported and documented all over the world. With the similarities in reportings, it becomes more and more difficult to deny that we are not alone.

Intelligent Life Forms and Their Influence in Popular Culture.

Space travel and alien life forms have engaged the imaginations of our culture since the 19th century. Alien-themed graphic novels, movies, television shows and children's toys peak our curiosity.

In H.G. Wells' famous science fiction novel, a young man and his brother tell the story of the first Martian invasion. Present-day writers continue to push the boundaries of fiction by showing us new and varied makeups of our alien counterparts. Aside from their physiology, we are obsessed with how they will engage with us. 

1960's Pulp fiction enhanced the idea of the creature from outer space in many graphic novels and B films. Small towns were terrorized by massive green slugs and femme fatales were swallowed up by horrifying monsters. 

Television and film continued depicting our wildest dreams and worst nightmares. The inevitable first meeting is filled with horror and wonder. The stories about aliens, mutants and UFOs, heighten the lore.

The television show and films in the Star Trek franchise explore the possibilities of interspace travel. It was also one of the first series to show mankind living in an interplanetary symbiosis (or frequently not) with other alien life forms.

Aside from Star Trek, the most popular depiction of intelligent life forms in media is that of Star Wars. Our hearts join the journeys of the franchise's human, alien (wookie, ewok, etc.) and AI life forms. Similar to Star Trek, George Lucas paints a landscape of planetary communities and wars set in the future.

Other films and television shows paint the alien life form as not so friendly. Ridley Scott's 'Alien' movies depict a cruel and very slimy alien life form that stalks and attacks the crew of a spaceship.

The 'Predator' films tell the story of an elite special forces team sent into the jungle to rescue hostages. The team is caught off guard when pitted against a very aggressive extraterrestrial.  

Mankind's curiosity with intelligent life forms continues to flourish. Our society's fascination with what might be when we finally meet with alien life forms will never be satisfied until we meet them.  

The Believers Collectives

With the first space launches by the Russians and Americans in the late 1950's, the possibility of discovering new planets and civilizations spread throughout the world, encouraging a curiosity never seen before. A competition of the ages, the world watched as Russia beat the United States with their first launch of Sputnik in 1957. 

While this was a blow to the United States, President Kennedy wouldn't give up. He emboldened the country's desire to continue space exploration, as well as the possible discovery of other life forms.

The space race inspired two young physicists at Cornell University. Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison published a 1959 article in Nature magazine. They stated what the rest of the world was thinking. 'We can't reliably estimate the probability of intelligent life out in the universe, but we can't dismiss it either.'

The paper discussed how intelligent life forms would communicate with our civilization. Cocconi and Morrison postulated that electromagnetic waves would be the method of communication. This article sent the science world into a tailspin, launching the world's initiative to discover other life forms.

From Cocconi and Morrison's theory came the Drake equation, invented by scientist, Frank Drake. The popular formula has been used over the years to estimate how often sun-like stars form, as well as how many of those stars have planets. 

This initial data was enough to inspire collectives of believers. Scientists came out of the woodwork. They devoted their time and research to discovering other intelligent life forms.

The SETI Institute is based in Mountain View, California. This collective is devoted to understanding and exploring the nature of alien life forms in the universe. They're purpose? To guide future generations on earth when first contact occurs.

The Institute is not alone in their work.  They join with other research facilities across the world to gather and monitor telescope data. Additionally, they provide education and continue the search for other life forms.

In 2015 Russian entrepreneurs, Yuri Milner and his wife, Julia, founded Breakthrough Initiatives. Enlisting the help of famed physicist, Stephen Hawking, and billionaire tech guru, Mark Zuckerberg, the program strives to accomplish the following:

  • Observe and search for evidence of intelligent life beyond Earth.
  • Design a message representing Earth that can be understood by another civilization.
  • Develop Earth and space-based technologies that can seek out Earth-like planets and ascertain whether or not they can host human life.
  • Develop a new technology enabling ultra-light unmanned space flight at 20% of the speed of light.
  • Create the foundations for a fly-by mission to Alpha Centauri within a generation. 

NASA has initiated its own 100 Year Starship Project (100YSS). This group is dedicated to achieving interstellar travel within the next century and discovering 'Earth 2.0.'

The First Meeting.

We've seen it played out in numerous different scenarios. But what will happen if and when Earth actually makes contact with intelligent life?

Lucky for us, someone has a plan. 

Let's say an individual or organization receives a signal from any other life form. They must make sure that the signal they are receiving is not mistakenly identified before making any kind of public announcement.

Once it is determined that the signal received is from another intelligent life force, all intelligence and governmental entities will be notified before any public announcements are made. This includes the United Nations, which has a specific cabinet set up for such a scenario.

In this situation, all international communication lines will be secured prior to any message being sent out to the public. Once the lines have been secured, SETI will work with these organizations to send out a communication to the masses. 

Not looking forward to that day, are you?

The rest of the plan consists of a committee of specialists being set up and formulating an agreement on how to proceed. You can bet this will be our best and brightest.

That is what we have so far. But what if intelligent life forms have already snuck in under the radar?

Stranger things have happened...

Are They Here Already?

Rumors abound as to whether intelligent life forms have already landed (or crashed) and their whereabouts are being kept under wraps. A number of top secret governmental bases (the ones you're never supposed to see or hear about) have been photographed from a distance.

The oft-mentioned Area 51 (aka 'Groom Lake') supposedly based in Roswell, New Mexico, has a lore dating back to the 1960's.

If alien research, experimentation, interbreeding and even time travel are your thing, then Area 51 is the bunker for you! It is the best-known base that the U.S. government doesn't want you to know about.  

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado is home to NORAD, ground control for all airspace in North America. Based in a hollowed out mountain, massive backlit screens keep track of everything in outer space. NORAD also monitors all air traffic in North America, including the locations of the President and Vice President. 

In the event of nuclear war, eight hundred people can survive in the mountain enclave for up to thirty days. The massive base is encased in twenty-five ton blast doors.

Raven Rock, rumored to be located within six miles of Camp David, is outfitted in a similar style in the event of World War III. It is said that the bunker can be accessed from Camp David's underground tunnels. If war were to break out, all military command would be centered from this top secret base. 

Another hollowed out mountain (we like those, apparently) is located in Berryville, Virginia. This is home to Mount Weather, a top secret base where Dick Cheney and other top governmental officials were taken during the September 11th attacks. 

Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, is home to the infamous Hangar 18. This is an aviation technology hub and is the site rumored to house the wreckage of the infamous 'Roswell' crash. UFO wreckage, as well as bodies of the aliens, are said to be preserved in the 'Blue Room' of Hangar 18.

Project Blue is also rumored to be a cover-up campaign for probable sightings of the U2 and SR-71 spy planes being developed by the government.

The Dulce Base - the cream of the crop of top secret bases - may or may not exist. Allegedly housed underneath the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border, it is rumored to be where the actual aliens are kept. Conspiracy theorists postulate that Area 51 is a cover-up for the Dulce Base.

As of now, there are too many sightings and too much possibility not to believe. So, the question lies with you...

Are You a Believer?

In future we might wonder why anyone was ever doubtful. The human mind is only really able to process approximately one percent of what actually exists within the universe. What may come to be is infinite and left to the imagination.

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace. It is likely that our children and grandchildren will be privy to the first discoveries of intelligent life forms. The question remains: Will we discover them first, or have they been here all along? Are we their guinea pigs and not the reverse? 

Either way, don't doubt your curiosity. Explore it. And know that you're not alone. In fact, there is a place you can go to indulge your quest for knowledge about intelligent life forms. A community where you can find news about the latest in space shuttle research and alien life form discovery.

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